Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dennis the Menace

Notice any similarities in these two images?
Please disregard the food bits on the chin
But is it alarming how similar these two boys are?
Grow Carter's hair out a bit and you have 'THE' Dennis the Menace

Today it dawned on me
My child is Dennis!
I knew this was going to happen
I was told amazing stories of Ed
when he was little like Carter
I laughed and fell in love with Ed further
Now I understand the angst a child like that 
offers to a mother.

My boy
who runs away from me in busy public places
and giggles as if its a game
My boy
who will peek around the corner and growl at me
then giggle relentlessly

My boy
who puts his mouth on my leg and breathes in and out
thinking he is tickling me
(which it actually does)
My boy
who climbs on chairs and ottomans 
jumps up and down like he is on a trampoline
then falls off and wonders how that happened

My boy
who hides under the table thinking its his fort
banging on the chairs with his "cane" 
(Its a wooden back scratcher)

He's wild
My King Max

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