Monday, April 18, 2011

Salt Lake Half Marathon

I have a lot of things I would like to say about this race.
1st - If it wasn't for Tabrenia
I probably wouldn't have finished.
She was an AMAZING support
There were several times I had to lean on her
to help stretch my cramping legs out.
2nd - Yes I did cry like a baby 3x
3rd - as only Sedra could, I exited the finish line in drama queen fashion.
Part of that wasn't my fault.
Other runners have also expressed that its common to cry at the end of your race
The excitement, the emotion of finishing
is a big deal.
I was also cramping in both of my legs from being salt deficient
None of the water/aid stations had salt packets to assist.
Combine the cry + with the cramp + with a tender hearted medal holder
= Medical tent
After some salt and some water
they pronounced me healthy
(We tried to tell them, but they weren't really listening)

All in all, I am proud of the accomplishment.
Was my time amazing?
Heaven's no.
But I did it!
And I don't hate Tabrenia for encouraging me to do so.

I actually look forward to doing another race.

Here are some confiscated photos from the race...
notice the progressing distress:

Not my finest hour.
Thank goodness Ed loves me just the way I am


Jennica said...

You are amazing! You did it!

Chelsie Jensen said...

Wow what an accomplishment! Great job!!