Monday, May 9, 2011


Please don't misconstrue some of my past complaints,
I LOVE being a Mom.

And today, I wanted to devote a post to why I love being a Mom.

I love that Carter wakes up to singing and playing in his crib
I love watching him learn new things
Even if it means he will get into trouble

I love when I call his name when he is in trouble,
he runs to the other side of the room and scowls at me.

I love that when Ed and I laugh
Carter comes over and scrunches his nose and laughs with us

I love when Carter wants to hold both Ed's and my hand.

I LOVE when its time to get ready for bed Carter waits at the gate 
to make sure BOTH Mom and Dad are coming up

Being a Mom is one of the MOST rewarding jobs

Thank you Carter for choosing me as your Moma

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