Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Riding, Riding, Riding

For Ed's birthday he got a new mountain bike.
He felt it would be a good activity for Carter to do with him
So he had to get a trailer to tote the little guy around in

Carter loves wheels,
so in theory, this was a fantastic idea.
Turns out he likes to just turn and hold the wheels 
instead of getting pulled around in them.

Carter also really disliked the hat. 
Crazy boy tried to choke himself pulling the hat off
So Dad pulled over and took it off after a block.
We'll get him to like it someday... I hope.

He REALLY hated the helmet

In the mean time, Carter's size 5 yr old head will need to tough it out.

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Dan and Liz said...

K, we have to take the boys on a ride together. Or, Ed and I need to take them, or Dan and Ed since we need to start using our trailer again :) Love these pics!