Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where We Have Been...

I've received a couple of comments
as to why we haven't posted in a while

I totally had plans to do so
I even took some adorable photos
of the little guy

However, recently some things have come up
Like Carter's vision

You see the pictures above?
Below, is what I saw a couple of days ago....

Wouldn't you be concerned?
I was terrified what this could mean.
Luckily the optometrist says he's far sided
Just like his Daddy
And in some children,
it can come about all of a sudden
because their eyes are just fatigued from focusing
on things up close
And if you are a 19 month old like Carter
EVERYTHING is examined up close

So this cute little guy is getting glasses
I cannot WAIT to see how adorable he will look
in these fancy pairs
Then we won't have to worry about such terrible
spills he has been taking of late
due to seeing double vision.

1 comment:

Amy said...

My husband works for a pediatric ophthalmologist. I'm glad the solution for Carter is just glasses and not something more invasive. And thankfully you're taking care of this now because as they get older eye problems are just harder to fix. I bet he'll be darling in his glasses. My oldest got glasses when she was four, and she's also like her daddy but they're both horribley near-sighted. She'll have such a bad correction when she gets older I've already figured she'd get lasic for graduation or something (in like 10 years--hopefully it's cheaper then!). Good luck to you, and good luck, Carter! Keep your glasses on to see a whole new world!!!