Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Adorable... Simply Adorable!

I haven't posted in a while. Sorry
Summer has been fun and busy, and a bit chaotic.
Carter has been changing. He doesn't like his glasses now (I suspect the prescription needs to be changed)
and the temper tantrums OY! I look forward to when he can communicate more effectively with me.
Until then, lets look at some good looking photos to remind us why I love him so much.

My Little Professor


Serious about Cars

Seriously, Dude

We weren't kidding

A Break

I don't know what he's doing

First time swinging

Loves it!

Ed and his Mini Me

Unsure about this...

Still questioning Mom's judgement

Why is she doing this?

Come get me!

"Dad! Did you see that?"

Crap, I'm stuck


He was trying to put the cover back on the lens of the camera. He's a good helper
Check out how awesome his eyes look though! Yay glasses!

Love and Snot

He LOVES the remote control car

We may need to get him his own

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