Monday, July 25, 2011

Baking Cookies with Mom

Everyone remembers some fond memories with Mom or Dad in the kitchen. For me it was with my mom. She was there all day long with us while Dad was at work. We didn't live in a house hold of Little Debbies, Willy Wonka or the favorite Mars candy around the house. Looking back, it probably was her way of off setting the addict of sweets known as my father. Dad, I love you, but I think I got my sweet tooth from you :). We "occasionally" got to pick out a treat at the store. Which never felt enough growing up. (We were kids, we're supposed to always want more treats.) But Mom would bake cookies. And she wasn't afraid of trying a recipe out or making multiple batches until she was satisfied with the end result. To this point, I will always ALWAYS get excited over some delicious cookies, cupcakes or baked good.
So with knowing this prior information, you can understand my want for Carter to grow up loving it when Mom decides to bake a batch of cookies or make some cupcakes just for the hell of it. And in MY household, we do enjoy the cookie dough or batter. No need to sneak a bite in here. I will offer it before we even begin scooping. Another thing I have in common with my sister-in-law Tabrenia. We will always share  eating the batter/dough.
Sunday was just such the day for testing out how much Carter is a Momma's boy despite his replica resemblance to one Edward Davidson. Once I heard the smacking of lips from my dear little boys mouth, I knew my suspicions held true. He likes baking (he watched the whole process from start to finish and tested the dough throughout each stage.) He likes dough, and he likes the cookies. High Five Carter!

He's trying to share with Dad
And just because I know there are some of you out there curious how Carter's patch therapy for his eye has been going.... The proof is in the pudding! He still is going cross eyed half of the time but its becoming less (much to my relief.) When he has the patch on his weak eye is straight the entire time. 

My Cute Boy

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Dan and Liz said...

You've inspired me to bake cookies! Seriously, I'm going to bake some today and tomorrow and you can share the wealth! I remember my mom and grandma baking a lot, so I really should do the same with Sam...despite our silly not eating many sweets/carbs thing :)