Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paint, Paint, Paint and More Paint

With Summer, comes many more possibilities 
for naked babies to go running around outside.
That being said,
I gave Carter his first chance to do so.
Today he got his second chance to run around
my friends yard
after flopping into the wadding pool
fully clothed...

Unfortunately, photos were not taken of todays
exhibit (too bad, it was pretty funny)
we took plenty of photos.

So enjoy what I call, 
"Resistance de le enfant"
Having not remembered much of French from high school,
I hope I didn't offend anyone with that last statement.

Commencing Carter Finger Painting exhibit....Now:

Someone please comment on how my hair has been this curly and I didn't even know it?

He's still unsure but ready to try it out

Taken after his first taste of finger paints, surprisingly enough, this was not his last.


Ha! Take that paper.


Body art is a form of self expression, right?

Told you he tried it again....

I'm running away to join the circus!

1 comment:

Julie Jardine said...

What a fun idea! He is so cute!