Monday, August 8, 2011

Carter's Therapy

So for those family and friends who are curious about Carter's Speech Therapy....
And we couldn't be more excited, (and a bit overwhelmed.)
We met with his therapist (Jacque) on Friday of last week. We set goals for the next 6 months. She kept them pretty simple to start.
Carter showed off his amazing skills at sign language, reading his books and the expert napper that he is.

Carter's first order of business is that he speaks more than he understands. Carter is considered a copycat talker. You say something, he will repeat the word. But only once or twice. Then he ditches it. It explains a lot of the blank looks I get from the little man. He just doesn't understand us. So we begin.

1) We are working at teaching him his body parts. When we ask him where his head is at, the goal is that he will touch his head. Surprisingly enough he has really picked up our little game. So far he knows his head, hair, tongue, ears, toes, and nose. We are hoping to get him to follow Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in the next month or so.

2) Turn Taking. We are practicing the art of taking turns in conversation. Carter has a fairly good grasp on this so far. We practice this by pushing his tonka truck back and forth saying, "Mommy's turn." Push. "Carter's turn." Push. After about 10 turns of this he wants to move on. The goal was to get him to do it 4 -5 times so we're doing good.

3) Carter evidently has an under developed jaw. He doesn't chew food well. So I've naturally stuck with softer foods. He tends to spit things out that don't break down well by sucking or mashing with his tongue. So the ST (Speech Therapist) is having him eat meat/apple slices/carrot slices etc to help him develop his jaw.

She wants us talking him through everything we do and to do these practice things during times that Carter is already doing well in throughout the day. Like reading time, bath time, meal time, indoor play time etc.
So far we have had some really amazing days where I KNOW we are making progress. And other days where I am ready to pull my hair out by the time Ed gets home. I know I can't expect instant success, but I continue to try.
He has such a strong little personality running through that boy! I will always be impressed at how much he is trying. I see those little wheels turning when I ask him a question and he looks down at his hands like sign language will flow from them on their own.
Each day Ed and I hope that in the next year or so we will be happy we went through all of this for the little man.
Good things to come!


MD said...

Carter is trying to have the curtain go up and its ShowTime and Carter is the star.

Bridgett said...

Good luck with the ST. I'm sure it will pay off quickly, then one day maybe you'll laugh at all of this because he will talk too well:)