Saturday, September 24, 2011

Speech Therapy Progress

*Disclaimer: This is no way is me bragging about my son. I know he is amazing as are all children. This is purely for those who are curious how his therapy is progressing.

Carter began speech therapy in August of this year (2011). While working with his therapist Jacque he has made some interesting progress. He speaks very little still. But each week we get a new word or an attempt at speech. This is brilliant to watch from my perspective. For those who are not familiar with speech therapy, its more Parent Teaching than therapy for a 2 year old. She gives me goals twice a month to work on with Carter and follows up on how we are doing with them. Some may still question my reasons for putting him in. Bottom line: He qualified, I am willing to get the help that I need to assist him.
Carter will make his progress with his speech when he is ready. I'm accepting of this.... now. Call it the control gene in me. There, I said it, I'm a control freak. :) In the mean time we have been working on his receptive language. Helping him understand words. I should have taken courses on this in college. Oh well. So I began showing him the alphabet flash cards. We looked over them a few times. Then I started to test how much he was remembering. Quickly, he proved he knew the whole alphabet by sight. Upper case and lower case. He has learned the following shapes: diamond, triangle, rectangle, square, circle, octagon, pentagon, semi circle, star, crescent, and heart. He knows numbers 1 - 10 by sight and can pick them out. He also is working on sounds of letters. Right now we are on the letter "M". We collect things around the house that begin with "M" and put them in a bowl. We use the flash card with the M on it and point out the object and sound it out. So far it seems to be working. He's not saying the words, but he will run up to me with the "M" card or an object that starts with the "M" and say, "Muh, muh, muh." He gets so excited when he knows he has gotten the sound right. He's trying hard to make the right sound with the right letter when he see's them on posters and in books and such.

Now we are working on colors. This doesn't seem to be coming as easy for his as the alphabet, shapes and numbers. Probably because everything that has a color to it, has a different object name to it. So we gather things that are the same color (harder than it sounds) and helping him identify the color. We have also been sorting the laundry into colors. He'll get it when he is ready but at least we are making progress.

I am so so proud of this little guy. He is so bright and such a happy boy! I am grateful for the help the therapist can give me in helping this little boy learn. But most of all, I am grateful for Carter. Love him to the max!


Julie Jardine said...

OH, he is so cute. Glad he is doing well. I loved your comment about what classes you wished you would have taken in college if you knew what life would be like as a mom. I have also thought about that.
He will do great...Cause he has a great mom!

Edra Davidson said...

Julie, I adore you! Thank you for your kind words :)