Thursday, September 1, 2011

Utah Children's Museum

While this adventure was far from what I was expecting,
looking at the photos I can tell Carter enjoyed this place quite a bit.
I think I will take the suggestion of some of my Facebook friends and go when its not so crowded. We definitely didn't expect it to be so wild with children and parents that don't care to watch them at 10:30 am. Lesson learned!

As for the outing it self, it was wonderful to spend an extra long weekend with Ed and having him there to play with Carter and get some awesome photos was well worth it!

So let the montage begin!
His pretend smile

He LOVED the water bit

And clearly didn't need neither Ed's nor my help in getting soaked

He thought I wasn't looking

My favorite part about this photo is promptly right after it, he gave the cart a final extra push into the wall. He's crazy.

I loved the sucked in cheek look. They still look chubby son.

Extra cute

He discovered the maze of tubes above him

This is what he was looking at

His absolute favorite part of the whole thing? These plastic squares sprinkled all over the floor.

Unsure of the noises coming off this machine and the children inside running it.

Dad is a bowling ball, Carter and I are the pins

Musical keyboard! And a game of backgammon. Odd combo and now I know I should have read the signs as I'm sure it makes more sense then.

I had to TRY to get a photo with me and him in it. As you have seen, he doesn't like to sit still

And he was right at home with the building blocks

Dad was ready to go

I love this little boy!

Proof of the chaos! And this picture doesn't show it well. 

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