Monday, October 10, 2011

2 years and Counting

I've heard every Mother I know say it.
Its a thought that crosses my mind at least 20 times a week.

My little boy is growing up

Last week was proof!
On Monday Ed and I woke up and sang Happy Birthday to Carter in his crib. He smiled at us and danced along. We let him have a day off of eye patch therapy as a treat. We hurried and got ready and stopped by Toys R Us for a couple of Hot Wheels and an airplane. (He carried it everywhere that day with him. Even to nap.) Then we raced over to the Hogle Zoo. We rode the zoo, the carousel and checked out all the animals Carter could handle.

We took him to lunch for his favorite meal (Lone Star Taquiera Bean and Cheese Burrito)

Then he got to open Mom and Dad's present to him.
The camera ran out of batteries right after this rough photo

On Saturday we had a BIG get together at our house. Carter was overwhelmed at first (As I'm sure most children who came were as well) then he warmed up to everyone and ran around wild.
It was SUCH a great party.
My sweet friend Stephanie took photos of the party. And THANK GOODNESS for her. As I probably wouldn't have even snapped more than 5 otherwise. Thank you thank you.

After the party we sent all of the new little pirates on their way and perhaps in a mini sugar high :)
Thanks to everyone for making it such an amazing birthday party for Carter!


Julie Jardine said...

So cute! Love those cupcakes and treasure chests! I love when the kids get old enough to have parties like this. I have thrown a party for all my kids every year. And it is so worth it! They love it. Looks like you gave a really fun party to a really special boy!

Shalisa Hazleton said...

You don't know me, but I used to know Ed. You sound like one awesome woman! I enjoyed reading your blog. Tell Ed I said hi and he hasn't changed.

Stephanie said...

That was such a fun party. Beck loved it! He was so excited to tell Dad all about it. Thanks for the invite. Carter is a lucky boy to have such a fun mom!