Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm a Big Boy Now!

Or so I'm sure Carter continues to try to tell us in his own words.
Since turning 2 he is even MORE adventurous, more into everything, more fascinated about the limits an object can reach (*read: destroys things), more 1000% boy. Is that possible?
I'm told Ed was the same way and I know the stories of him growing up. I've got a long road to travel. Should be entertaining.
So in the mean time, I decided once Carter turned 2 I was going to convert his crib to the toddler portion. (These things are genius. My parents didn't have these when I was growing up and I'm sure they would have liked it.)
Ed was outside working on some slight adjustments of OUR bed in the garage. So Carter and I trumped upstairs and got to working on his crib. The whole process fascinated him. He tried to lay on the crib side that we took off, he carried all the screws I needed all over the house. (That was an adventure finding them again.) Finally I completed putting the bed together. (It wasn't that difficult, Carter just adds 15 - 20 min onto each project due to relocation of some important elements.)
Carter is in love.

Seriously, he'd adorable!

He thinks its so funny to say, "Cheese!" and then run over to see how the picture looks

Practicing laying down for me

This is what happens in the middle of the night when he falls out of  bed. He goes right back to sleep

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