Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Cottonwood Canyon!

Earlier this week, Carter and I were invited by our friends to go up Little Cottonwood Canyon to walk the boys on the Quarry Trail.
For a fraction of a second I was sad that the leaves weren't more vibrant. Honestly though, with faces like this

How could you be?

So we walked, explored, ate snacks in the parking lot and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a good day.

He had to run back and get his friend 


Carter LOVED exploring. Clearly we need to do this more often

He was so good about staying hydrated. His choice mind you

I love him

I told him not to play with the gas tank. So he went and got his fingers stuck

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Dan and Liz said...

That one of you and Carter is adorable. Love all of these! Let's go to the Draper trails soon. They are also really pretty right now.