Friday, October 14, 2011

Wheeler Farm with Friends 2011

This time last year Carter and I went to Wheeler farm with some of our friends.
For those who follow the blog, you may remember this?

So this year, we weren't so lucky with a big pile of pumpkins, nor were we lucky with getting the kids to sit still. AND we expanded the group which is always more fun.

Let the photo montage begin.

Having some serious words 

I believe this is the part where Carter saw the caravan of mom's with strollers and had to oggle them

Cute boys

Talking with the turkeys


Oh my word he is cute!

Hey Chicken!


Naturally enthralled by the tractors

Tractors... again

He's already pulling faces for the camera

Happy Friends

Also a side note: We met with the Optimologist this last week. Good news is Carter WILL NOT be needing surgery. His cross eye is stemmed from far sided-ness. When he doesn't have his glasses on, he goes cross eyed. When he has them on, he great! The doctor even recommended we reduce the amount of time we do eye patch therapy and advised that often times this is a situation we need to see if he will grow out of. Some kids never do and require glasses or contacts to correct the cross eye. For now, we keep wearing the glasses (which I am happy for. Look how cute he is!) and see how it goes when he gets older.

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Elswood Family said...

Oh, this looks like so much fun! I was just thinking that I need to take my three little ones there! Love all the pics!