Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time Out

Sorry for the absence folks.

Between with what feels like a billion doctor appointments, helping with planning the ward Christmas Party and the crazy month of Octobe
I've been taking a mental time out. I've decided more than anything in the world I need to just spend some time with my family. My Carter and My Ed. Its been the best thing I could have prescribed for myself.

There is nothing amid the chaos of life that grounds me better than these two people. So please excuse me while I enjoy the fun a lazy day in pajamas can afford me.

I highly recommend it.


Leslie said...

Good for you! I so need to do that! I've been going going going.. and I think i'm going to break one of these days!

Dan and Liz said...

The best thing I do for me is not have any plans, which in turn is good for Dan and Sam and us as a family. You should be proud of spending time in PJ's...we do it often!