Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December in a Nutshell

I know we still have almost 2 weeks left of December.
But a lot has occurred. Part of it may have been shadowed by the recent events of late. The rest has been over shadowed by my exhaustion and Carter's influx of extra energy. And my goodness does he have a lot!
Its easiest to display with photos...

This is Carter casually leaning on the table while enjoying some Cuties

This is the face pre fall into the tree

This is what it looks like before he falls onto the tree. Sorry no post pictures

I was cooking lunch and he thought he needed to come rest by my feet while I finished

I get a lot of smiles usually while accompanying a naughty moment

He gets really excited to take pictures and them look at what he looks like

The Ward Christmas Party!

It was awesome times 1000 that Ed was able to get the day off to come

Luckily he is long enough to hid the belly that is there... don't worry there are pictures that will betray me in a few.

Such a goof!

Awesome meltdown visiting with Santa and Mrs Clause. You can tell I have my firm face on.

Check out that belly! And Carter is trying to flee

He saw the candy they were giving out and he paused for a second

No such luck. He's running!

Does he not look like Ralphie from the Christmas Story?

Giving me a good Carter rendition of Jingle Bells

We went to Temple Square and attempted to take our own photo... It was so cold we were struggling to get our fingers to do the work

Better but still a rough work of art

This sweet man offered to help

Gorgeous! This is the Temple Ed and I got married in 7 years ago

How cool is that tree? And how long does it take to light this one?

Another good shot

The lights have changed a lot over the years. I kind of like that part of it.

So so cold. But Carter had so much fun he clapped his hands every time we walked passed a tree or display. And he continued to say over and over, "Wow! Whoa!"

We couldn't take it anymore. Homeward bound!

Even the Conference Center grounds were lit up!
It has been such a fun month so far with the family. We have enjoyed all of the holiday shopping, last minute wrapping and decorating to its fullest. I don't think I will ever stop loving October - December as much as I do.

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