Monday, December 12, 2011

Gender Reveal!

I am absolutely horrid at keeping secrets. Ask any one of my family members, including my husband and they will all confirm that I am horrible at lying and keeping a secret. No wonder I never got the lead in any of the high school plays!

So waiting until Christmas quickly became a moot point when the moment we found out I asked if I could call everyone and tell them.??? I was the one who decided to wait to reveal at Christmas. How lame of an idea was that? Clearly I'm not the only one with patience issues because there were plenty of comments on Facebook wanting to know as well :) Thank you to my friends who also wanted to know. Your encouragement brought me out of my 2 hour silence.

So now that I've told all of my family, its only fair to share with the rest of the world our exciting news.

I said it from the beginning of the pregnancy that I knew what it was. Clearly my intuition isn't too far off. That is a relief!

Now the wait until May 2012 is on. At least I can begin enjoying the "small" time of my pregnancy, as the "big" time will be approaching soon and I'm sure to not be as ecstatic then. Just joking.

Happy Christmas to all!

Cute picture from my phone

This is the same face I got when I showed him his little sibling :)


Chelsie Jensen said...

Hooray Hooray for a little boy!! Congrats :)

Jeanne Lawyer said...

Woo Hoo! I am SO excited for you.

Might I say, that Carter is ADORABLE! I MUST take his pictures next time I am in town.

Sadie Jane Petersen said...

I could never wait either! I'm so excited for you and your family!!!

Edra Davidson said...

Thank you ladies! We couldn't be happier. It still hasn't worn off even a day later :)
Jeanne you are such a great photographer Carter would love to have his photo taken. But he does like to see them after they have been taken :)