Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little late...Chicken Little!

About 2 weeks ago I finally downloaded the photos from my camera and WOW did I find some good looking pics! So good looking that I'm going to blog about Halloween in December.
At least I am catching up at some point.
In order to distract myself (and you) from the impending date of next weeks gender discovery, I will indulge ourselves in cute photos of my Chicken Little.

Let it be known that I was apprehensive about his costume because you can't go BUY a Chicken Little costume at any of the local stores. And the sew your own patterns were hideous. So I put it together. By myself. Not really crafty, just common sense. So please keep this in mind when going through the photos.

He really was fascinated with grabbing his "feet"

So so cute

I love him

Finger painting with colored whipped cream

He loves my iPhone and taking his socks off. Silly boy

Helping Daddy Cook

Well now you have been sufficiently caught up.

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