Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sick, The Basement and Keeping Busy

I love this photo. It reminds me of when he was little
A lot has been going on lately. A lot.
We are trying to finish the basement before baby boy makes his appearance. Which looking at how rough it is, is probably a good thing. I think what is most taxing is that Ed is doing it himself. We have had some AMAZING help from our brother-in-law Kirk and what would we have done without him! We are so blessed to have such amazing family be there at the drop of a hat. Especially since I am absolutely useless.  In more ways than one. I'm as klutzy as they come and lets be honestly, if you had an accident prone spouse, would you let them near the saw? Drill bits? even a hammer? Ed won't so I haven't been much help. I watch Carter from the moment he wakes up, to the moment he goes to bed. I would be lying if I said it wasn't exhausting. Especially since the weather has taken a dive lately. So indoors it is!

Carter recently had another bout of the flu. I'm starting to think he is extra susceptible to it, as I swear I
don't hear other parents claim their child gets the flu as often as Carter does. He was down and weak for a couple of days. We spent a lot of time on the floor, covered in towels,
and watching shows. Ok I was watching the shows and Carter was sleeping on and off.
Since the relaxin hormone is wreaking havoc on my body its been a bit painful sitting cross legged on the floor for all hours of the day. Things to look forward to in the coming weeks.

At the end of Ed's weekend Carter started to feel a bit better (thankfully), and we were able to go

downstairs and hang out with Dad while he worked on finishing the electrical work and putting up lights. Carter was adorable. The whole time he followed Ed around the room handing him tools and trying to put the plate cover onto the outlet.
The excitement of having more space is really starting to get to me now. Especially with the walls painted, lights in and doors on. We still have a bit of work (who am I kidding, Ed has the work *grin*) to do like the trim needs to be put on the doors and the floor, railings put on the stairs, door knobs and some more painting, caulking the window and the trims then comes flooring! I can't wait until the inspector comes and gives the approval for the finished work.

And while all that work is being done Carter and I are doing everything indoors possible to pass the time. Cookie making, play dough, building with blocks, playing cars and dump trucks, trains, reading, cooking, cleaning.... you name it, we probably have done it.

Hopefully the next post will be all about the new basement.

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