Tuesday, March 6, 2012

29 Weeks and Counting

Lately my energy is nonexistent. What I do have, Carter seems to soak up all of. And thank goodness for that basement! Carter has had so much fun running around wild and discovering toys we hid away months ago.
Along with feeling exhausted I have also felt like I need to tackle some of my creative projects before this little baby comes. First we are working on making a table tent for Carter to hide out in and keep himself entertained when we are trapped indoors or at home for those first few weeks when baby arrives. Unfortunately, I haven't made much more progress than cutting a few sides of it. To come, I suppose.
I did pick up some super cute fabric from My Sister's Quilt shop that I have been cutting up to make into little man ties. For months I have wanted to try my hand at making one. Just to see if I could make it almost as well as the Peanut Posh store that we got them from.
Tie we got from Peanut Posh

Tie I made
I got the pattern from this website however instead of using the elastic (I didn't want elastic showing or chocking out Carter if he got wild with pulling on it) so I used this website  to get the dimensions for the velcro neck closure. I did a few extra stitches by hand to secure the knot more to my taste and to create a better overall look. I also used a standard (thickish) interfacing for the interior that added more of a grown up structure for Carter. This is a 3T - 5T size however I'm sure going to need to put my skills to the test to make a smaller version for baby number 2 when he is a little older. That's right, I'm totally going to be one of those mother's that dresses their children in matching clothes (occasionally.)

On monday I went in for my 28 week appointment and what a relief! I haven't' spoken too much about this to many people because we were still unsure of the outcome. At my 20 week appointment they found that the placenta was covering my cervix. (For those medical junkies out there, I had placenta privia.) This is something neither Ed's family nor my family has encountered yet. (Which Ed and I seem to be the Guinea pigs for most things it seems.) Basically in a nut shell, if the placenta is covering your cervix, you CANNOT deliver naturally. Must be done via c-section. And the more we found out about it the more freaked out I became. Ed on the other hand was constantly strong and silent regarding everything. We prayed and prayed and prayed some more for this to go away. On monday, our prayers were answered! The doctor confirmed that the placenta had moved approx 5 cm out of the way. And according to my doctor that is plenty of room for me to have a normal delivery. Hooray! What relief. As well as the good news we also got a chance to peek at the sweet little boy. His profile looks almost identical to Carter's when he was around this age. Another lovely surprise we found was there is hair growing on the top of this baby's head! Carter had very little hair and it remained that way for much of his 1st 6 months. I am really starting to get excited to meet this little boy. He weighed 3 lbs and is approx 17 inches long. We might just have another long baby on our hands. 11 more weeks and we get to meet him!

Carter and Ed have been spending a lot of time together lately. Its wonderful for Carter finally to be breaking free from his paranoia of leaving Mom's side and feeling more and more independent. 
These two look so much alike somedays its crazy!


Stephanie said...

Good job on the tie. I love it! I think I'll make one too. I'm glad to hear the placenta moved and you can have a regular delivery. He looks like a cutie!

Edra Davidson said...

Thank you Stephanie! I don't think you'll regret making the tie. Its a tad bit long on Carter so it should be PERFECT for Beck.
We are a very happy family right now with all the good news :)