Wednesday, April 18, 2012

34 weeks Pregnant

I have been MIA lately.
In many facets of my life.

My house feels like a constant mess,
The little boy is craving play dates but I have no energy for them.
The grocery shopping gets done 2 days late,
my cooking is dismal at its best,
and I have probably been a terrible friend
to every friend I have right now.

I have no excuse for any of these things.
So a huge apology to all those effected. 
Including and most directly to the hubs and the wild child.

As for the pregnancy, here's the scoop:
Baby is moving like wild these days. Mostly large swirls and the occasional jab or thump.
At my Dr appt this week the doctor said I was 50% effaced and 1 cm dilated.
Don't get too excited though. Most women will sit at this stage or worse for weeks. 
Contractions are getting stronger but not consistent yet.
Baby's room is almost 100%. 
Just 18 days and I'm considered full term and I am ready!

Carter has been loads of fun as of late.
My favorite moment from last week: 
Carter from his room: "Oh no! Oh dude!"
we race upstairs to find that he had pulled out his nightlight and couldn't read his books anymore.
Next night
Carter from his room: "Oh no! Oh Dude! Oh Dude!"
We raced upstairs. 
Ed asks, "Did you poop your pants?"
Carter leans down and smells his diaper, "Poo"
Clearly Oh no and Oh Dude mean only two things. At least we've narrowed it down.

We got some side walk chalk the other week and Carter's favorite past time of having us write words and him practice reading them has transferred to outside. He's even trying to write letters himself. Its quite awesome. He's up to reading about 40 words. So proud of my little nerd.
Other than being asked to write all the time for him, he asks me for "Bubby" aka bubbles.

 Easter was a blast. Earlier in the week our friend Julia hosted an Easter Egg Hunt at her house. No pictures, but Carter had so much fun. This is where we learned he liked sidewalk chalk.
On Easter Sunday we went down to my parents house and Carter ate it up! Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard. Snuggles and lots of fun playing with family. I love holidays with family.
Carter got sick earlier this week. That little boy has the weakest digestive track in the world. When he gets the flu it hits him for 10 - 12 hrs straight. Unfortunately for me it happened to start at midnight. I think running up and down the stairs a million times to run the wash probably helped push this baby lower. We can blame Carter if I go into labor early.

Another favorite of Carter's lately is playing Wii in the basement. That boy LOVES the games. He's actually learning pretty quickly too.

And he loves his bed. And his pillow and his woobie. Every morning He asks for his woobie and pillow when sitting down for breakfast. Its quite funny.

So now you are caught up. I don't feel so bad for neglecting everyone and everything now.

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Jullee said...

"Oh No! Oh Dude!" cracks me up!! What a character. Not much time left on that baby'll be here very soon.