Monday, May 21, 2012

Lincoln Edward Davidson {He's Here!}

Where to begin!

This weekend had flown by in one intense and rapid 2 days. I am so grateful for this little bundle of miracle and for his super sweet and loving big brother, and last but not least for the most amazing Daddy and Husband.
{Lincoln's Birth Story}
The evening of friday May 18th Ed and I knew this was our last weekend before baby came. We had concluded that baby wasn't coming early and that we would go in for our induction on Monday. I picked up Carter from my Mom and Dad's house where he had been staying for the last few days. We thought we were going to have him a few days earlier so my Mom kept him there on the odds that I would go into labor. No such luck! Ed and I had discussed going to REI to pick up the jogging stroller we had in mind. It was the first day of their sale so it was crazy chaotic there. Customers were everywhere and sales people were nowhere to be found. I stood in line while Ed hauled our wild, rambunctious, slapping, naughty 2 1/2 year old out to the car. I starting having some seriously hard contractions (which I thought was back ache and indigestion) in line and after waiting 25 min for the jogger of our choice, I was heading outside to go home. Later that night the indigestion and back ache got worse. We went to bed knowing it wasn't time for baby and to tough it out. Usually with my false labor I go to bed and the contractions stop. This time they didn't stop. They really didn't end either. They just added on top of each other. By morning I was mostly convinced that they weren't stopping and we would need to go to the hospital.
Ed woke up at his usual time of 4:45 am and as he was walking into the bathroom to shower I asked him to stay home as I thought we would be going to the hospital soon. I called my mom and told her what I was going through and she said, "That's labor hon. I'm grabbing my stuff and coming up." She then hung up with me and we started gathering up all our stuff. We checked into the hospital at 7:42 am and after some walking, some monitoring of contractions.... I was admitted! Finally! The day had come.
At 10:00 am I was given an IV, offered to have the anesthesiologist come in (I declined at this point) and left to work my way through things.
It felt so slow that morning but looking back it actually moved pretty quickly. I was 5 cm dilated by Noon and pitocin was kicked up for the 3rd time. By this point I didn't want to feel contractions anymore so I asked for my epidural. Let me tell you this ladies and gents: When I was given an epidural down in Alabama..... that was NOT an epidural. I felt everything, I could walk the SECOND I had given birth and  pushing was the most painful thing I had done to date. This epidural? This one confirmed that my last one didn't take. I was numb and it felt wonderful compared to the time before. All the glory of not feeling a single thing but the pressure was exactly what I needed. So the nurse checked me again an hour later and I was 6 cm dilated. Doctor came in and broke my water for me to speed things along. After he left and had pumped up the pitocin yet again the contractions started to hit harder. These started to add some serious pressure. I told Ed that it felt like the baby was getting close to crowning.  Literally 5 minutes later, I started coughing. I couldn't catch my breath. I looked over at Ed and whispered, "Call her." Which was the most I could get out. I started to go bright red in the face and broke out in a sweat. Every time I tried to breath, I coughed and couldn't get anything in. Things started to go fuzzy on the edges of my vision and I told Ed again in a whisper, "Her!" meaning the nurse. The nurse runs in and pushes the bed flat. She puts an oxygen mask on me and asks me to take shallow short breaths. I still couldn't. I coughed some more. My vision wasn't fuzzy anymore but I still couldn't breath normal. The doctor then rushed in and started asking questions. Honestly, I don't remember all the questions he was asking. I tried to answer with shakes or nods of my head. After about 5 minutes of this the doctor checked me and told me I had to start pushing. In a matter of minutes I had progressed from 6 cm to 10 cm dilated. The baby's heart beat was dropping and my oxygen levels were still low. Without even being ready, the doctor had me start pushing.  This baby had to get out fast. Too bad he was posterior just like his brother was. I was worried it was going to be another 3.5 hour pushing marathon like Carter. I did NOT have the breath to be able to do that again.
After 20 minutes of pushing I had a perfect little baby that was crying constantly and a husband with the look of fear on his face. He looked at me and said in the most earnest voice, "Don't you dare leave me with these boys by myself." I didn't realize until that moment that what had happened to me had been scary and more dangerous than I had thought at the time.
Later the doctor ordered tests and CT scans to confirm if I had had a blood clot or if it was an Amniotic Fluid Embolism. One is treated with medicine for the next several months. The other only time would tell what the outcome would be. Just for the record, having the iodine injected into your blood effects your breast milk. Pumping and dumping your colostrum is not only frustrating but very hard getting the baby back on track after. Turns out I don't have any blood clots, I had an Amniotic Fluid Embolism. Short story: Few pregnant women will have their amniotic fluid bust into the mother's blood stream through the placenta causing the lungs to collapse and other unpleasant things. Then the scary part. 50% of these women will either die or become brain dead after the incident. Now it all makes sense why right after I delivered I was not allowed to walk anywhere by myself (like I could... I was numb!) and I couldn't leave the delivery room for several hours.
I am so so so grateful for my cute husband working so fast to get me the help I needed. I am also so grateful my mom had the presence of mind to call the Temple when we left to go to the hospital and have our names put on all the prayer rolls. Coming home and googling the condition was probably a bad idea. I spent about an hour of my life crying over how scary the situation was and I didn't even know. That is how it goes though, isn't it? We never know when our time on earth is done. We may be going about life thinking, "This is wonderful!" and turns out it was the end. So scary. So more than anything, right now I am so grateful for my little family. For my mostly healthy perfect little baby. For the most amazing little toddler boy who radiates pure sunshine and for the best husband and Daddy this little family could ever ask for. So if you ask me if this weekend was miraculous, I would say, "Yes. Indeed it was."

Lincoln under the baby tanning bed

Lincoln at home in the comforts of his own private tanning bed

a quick break for a bath. He hated it

Carter at the hospital. He had so much fun. 

So I will bid you folks a bit of a hiatus while I enjoy the happiness I get by being with these 3 amazing people I call my family.


Stephanie said...

That is so scary. I'm glad you are okay. Sounds like you had someone watching over you.
Lincoln is such a cutie. Enjoy this time. It goes way to fast. You have a great little family. Congrats!

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you and baby lincoln are okay! That is so scary! i was nearly in tears just reading this! Enjoy your time with your cute family!

Jullee said...

Crazy scary! I am so happy that everything turned out okay in the end. I hope everything is okay now?

Brady and Rachel said...

Yikes! SO SCARY! Sometimes its better to not know about how scary something is until its all over. I'm sure your husband was scared too. SO HAPPY to know you are safe and healthy and baby is mostly healthy too. I can definitely relate to the epidural issues. Only one out of 4 worked right for me, and that one was FABULOUS!

Amy Beck said...

Labors can be frightening! But they are also miracles. My oldest's delivery was a little scary like that. I'm glad you're all safe and sound.

Edra Davidson said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words! Today there are definitely many things to be grateful for.