Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{2 Months} - Lincoln

Time flies waaaay too fast.
Just 9 weeks ago I was pulling my newborn baby out of his car seat to show him his new home.
Now he's five pounds heavier, almost 3 inches longer, he's my much more active, alert, 2 month old.

I have enjoyed every day. Almost every feeding. Every diaper change. And every interaction Carter, Ed and I get to have with this little boy.

I can honestly say I thank God every.single.day for these little boys. Sometimes multiple times a day. I thought having 2 kids was going to make things so complicated for me. Wear me so thin, I wouldn't recognize myself at the end of the day. Make me want to pull my hair out, or perhaps lose my mind. But its different. Those things do happen, but I am happy with it. I wouldn't change these two completely opposite (save those chubby cheeks) little boys for the world. And now my family of boys feels one step closer to complete.

As I watch Carter learn to be a big brother, to help Lincoln when he can't help himself. Did you know that when we first brought Lincoln home and baby would cry in the night, Carter would come running in from his room saying, "Baby! Baby! Ok baby?" He wouldn't go to sleep until he had a chance to see Lincoln and make sure he was alright. So when people ask me, "How has Carter handled having baby home?" my answer is always, Awesome! Don't get me wrong. He acted out for a good 2 weeks with interesting temper tantrums, weird outbursts, but then we noticed at odd times of the day he would run up to us and look in our eyes and say, "Hi!" Then he would hug us in a big bear type hug that only his 2 year old arms could muster.

Sweet Lincoln-

I love you more than words can describe. I look at your sweet pensive face, and know you recognize me. Your delightful coos send me running across the room so I don't miss a single word you have to say. Watching you and your big brother interact is pure heaven for me. I see so much of me in you. And yet you look like a carbon copy of your Daddy. What a perfect blend you are.
From the moment I laid eyes on you in the hospital. I knew you. I knew you were mine. I don't know why I questioned if I would be able to love you as much as I already loved your Daddy and your big brother Carter. But it happened. I held you. I hugged you and I kissed you. And in that split second, my heart opened a new section. Perfect little baby.

Thank you for choosing us as your parents.

I look forward to all of the many moments we have together. Teaching you to crawl, to walk, to go to the zoo and the aquarium. I can't wait until you say your first words and you and Carter are found in a corner of the house whispering over what crazy plan you will concoct to drive your parents crazy. Our little house seems to be bursting at the seams with love and I wouldn't change any of it for the world.



P.S. Isn't this quilt amazing? My sister-in-law Ang made it for cute baby Lincoln. I'm in love with it almost as much as this chubby little boy!

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