Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lincoln's Baby Blessing and 3 Months Old!

On August 12th,  Ed gave Lincoln a baby blessing in the LDS church. For those curious, this consists giving him his name that is recognized in the records of the LDS church and while on this earth. It was such a sweet blessing and seeing my brother, my father and my brother in laws standing in the circle, holding little Lincoln in the middle (he slept pretty much through it) was a mother's dream!

After we had our family over for a little lunch and to admire the little man. Gosh he sure is loved!

He's definitely camera shy. And yes, that is as wide as his eyes get. (He totally has Ed's eyes)

He also gets tired of having the camera in his face and going through multiple outfit changes. Lesson learned son!

He totally gives this grandpa type smile lately where you get a 2fer. A wink AND a smile

He is such a sweet baby

Oh no, he's turning!

Making car sounds just startles him. Its pretty funny.
This little boy is growing faster than a weed! He's pretty much grown out of all of his 3 months clothes and only a handful of 3 - 6 month clothes fit him. I swear he is putting on a pound a week, or so my back tells me.
Sleep is another thing we are lacking in this house. He enjoys nursing so much that he will go longest about 6 hrs each night. I so very much look forward to getting a little bit more sleep in the future.
Despite sleep deprivation, I wouldn't trade Lincoln for the world. He is such a happy sweet little boy. All of our little friends love to stare at him and his little toes, and his little nose. He's perfect! For the sake of sounding conceited, I think we have another looker on our hands :) I'm sure my two boys will give me a run for my money.

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Kirsten said...

So darling Sedra! Such a beautiful Mama, and handsome guys!