Monday, October 15, 2012

Carter Turns 3!

It took us a month of coaching and reminding Carter, but we did it. He now answers the question, "How old are you?" with a simple "Fwee." And let me tell you. Its music to me. For anyone who has a child with delays of any sort. You will understand and recognize the pure joy it brings a parent to hear these things.

Carter's current favorites are but not limited to: The Alphabet, reading and pointing out words that he knows, his brother Lincoln, the book "Where's My Mummy?", his cousins (Seriously LOVES his cousins.), Reading any book about alphabets, numbers, his magnetic letters, his lantern he got for his birthday, glow sticks, puzzles, alphabet puzzles (noticing a pattern here??), going for rides in the car, running through the grass, eating fruit, drinking chocolate milk, playing with chalk in the back yard, splashing in the water fountain, ice cream cones, cookies, Word World (he would watch this all day every day), learning, running his hands through my hair when its straight, getting tickled by Daddy, bath time, lining his alphabet up, playing memory.... the list could go on.

He HATES: balloons, loud noises, time out, when I don't go down the usual street when driving, when I tell him, "No.", When I won't let him help with the laundry (this only happened once, since then I'm willing to let him give it a go), Nap time, When his bubbles are go... the list could go on.

I thank God every single day for sending me this sweet boy. Everything about him (Yes, even the times he has spread poo all over his room) remind me why I fought so hard to have this boy. His joy for life and for learning makes me giddy for his future.

I love you Carter. I loved you the moment I found out I was pregnant, I loved you the moment you were placed in my arms, and I love you for absolutely, entirely, and with everything I've got. My little boy with the glasses. You are going to make a dent in this world. I can feel it in my bones.

So enjoy the pictures from the birthday party. Thank you to Ang, Kirk, Alli and Gabe, Liz, Dan and Sam, Julia, Clara, and Leah, Mom, Sephra, Andy, Colin, Kate, Sophia, and Nora, Dave, Taryn, Spencer and Aubrey for coming out and showing the big guy your support and love.

 As per tradition, I made the cakes. The cupcakes were the biggest hit with the kids. As you have previously seen in the photos above. This labor of love here though? Delicious. And probably not very nutritious. But it was so good I saved the last remaining piece in the freezer, and ate it tonight as a reminder of how good it was. I didn't even wait for it to thaw out. And it STILL was delicious.
 I tried 4 times to get all of these kids to face the camera, and smile. Do you know how hard it is? I don't know how professional photographers do it.

 I swear the only time this huge grin wasn't on his face, was when he was opening presents. Cause opening presents means serious business...

And for the record, he still caries this lantern around every day. Especially to go into dark closets and under blankets to check it out in action. What a funny kid

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