Monday, November 19, 2012

Autism Awareness in Utah

About a week ago Carter and some of his new and old friends were on the news! Channel 5, 13 and the Deseret News ran an article on Autism Aware. If you are interested in the organization and what they do, feel free to check here.
Carter got to meet Channel 5's Carole Mikita and eat a yummy meal at Brio's restaurant. Carter has never been to a fancy restaurant because he gets so overwhelmed with his environment he is running all over the place (usually in circles) and jumping up and down in his seat. He did a little bit of running around and circling the table. He was much better than he normally is when I am out with him on my own and with Lincoln. Don't get me wrong, he was the one child to have a melt down, and head butted me in the face.
Lincoln got a lot of love from the other mom's. I am so so grateful one of my best friends T was there with her son to help me with the chubby one.
You can read the article done by Deseret News here, and watch the segment aired by KSL 5 News here, and Fox News here.
We are so grateful for the presence of such awesome programs to make this new transition for us a bit easier.

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