Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fall on the Front Porch

 What is better than warm fall weather and family time?
The happiest smile that ever was on these boys faces.

Some days are so incredibly hard. The kind where you have pulled out your hair, screamed into a pillow and could easily crawl under a rock and live the rest of your life there.... in the dark.

But there are other days where you are blown away with how brilliant, how kind, how quick, how completely lovable they are. Its those days I live for.

I firmly believe each person has their trials in life they can handle. Some days I am not handling my trials. But at the end of those days, I vow to do better the next day. To make it count. To be filled with more understanding, more patience, more kindness. I just HOPE he sees that and remembers that. And not the ugliness of me frustrated, sobbing mess I was the day before. Or the time I snapped at him for asking the same question for the 38th time. Or the time I sent him to time out because he threw a toy for fun and it hit Lincoln.

I remember how much I had to fight to get these boys. Each child had a hurdle we had to jump (or more) to get them here. Yelling at a doctor to give Ed the surgery, countless test to conclude why we couldn't get pregnant, months and years trying with no success, miscarriage, tears, pain, frustration you name it. Its no different now that they are here. We will keep fighting for these boys. They deserve everything that is good, and fun and worth while out of this life.

I love you my boys.

And just because I can't take how adorable he is....

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