Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Happy Halloween} 2012 Edition

Happy Halloween!
This was the first year Carter actually wanted to go Trick or Treating.
Having a child with autism is really opening my eyes to the patience required and understanding needed to bridge the gap. Each year prior to now, we have just thought it odd that Carter was overwhelmed and wasn't interested in the idea of Halloween. This year, knowing ahead of time what some of his 'triggers' are we were able to avoid some extreme melt downs and really listen to Carter's needs and wants. 
Much to my delight, Carter actually wanted to go trick or treating. He wanted to say thank you and he wanted to say trick or treat. 
I try to plan Carter's costumes around his glasses and his extreme distaste to having anything on his head (note: sensory issue here). He was dressed as Carl Fredrickson from Up. One thing I didn't consider when selecting this costume: Carter is TERRIFIED of balloons. How could I forget this fact??? 
The day before Halloween, Ed's work hosted a Halloween party where the kids could come trick or treat around the call center and visit all of these cool booths if you will. He had a great time. (Except the haunted house. We walked right past it. Too many sounds that were overwhelming for him.) Before arriving at Ed's work I took Carter to Harmon's to pick up some balloons. I had been talking him up to the idea the whole weekend and all that day. Prepping him is a big part of getting him to handle new experiences easier. (I never realized I was doing this all along until I started to read up on autistic children and how their parents help them.) 
We walked into the Harmon's already planning which colors Carter wanted. That was part of the discussions we had been having. Luckily Harmon's has changed how they blow up the their balloons. Its in a closed off room. The sound of the air going into the balloon has been a sensory issue for Carter, so that took a fear off my list. I gave Carter a taffy for sitting right by me and Lincoln and waiting. We walked out of the store and into the car. No issues yet. I put the balloons in the front seat. Still no issues.  We drove to Ed's work, I'm shocked at this point because I haven't been told "Away! No, All done." in regards to the balloons. When we arrived at Ed's work and I got Carter out to tie the balloons to his pants he did tell me, "No." but that was it. He just didn't like the feeling of the balloons pulling on his pants. 
Next day was a total breeze too. By Nov 1st he was playing and running around the house with the balloons. I don't know what happened to make him ok with the balloons but I will take it and not question further. 

Time out for a little leaf kicking

His smile makes my life

This baby is everything

Darn teeth

Mom can always get a few good looks out of him though

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